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The Ornament

From the offer
From the offer


This site, named The Ornament, is the website of Margrit Utz, an antique dealer from Zurich, Switzerland. It includes a sales offer of special nice things, namely Old Christmas Ornaments and Old Swiss Embroideries. If you want to go straightforward to the store please use the desired link in the following table.

Online Store
New Christmas Ornaments Embroideries

Besides this offer you will find some additional comments and (maybe) useful hints about my favourite topic Christmas Ornaments.

This project was started in German language and was translated bit by bit into English; now only very few parts are still lacking the English translation. Where the English translation is missing (mainly in the section Embroideries) you will be presented the German version. Generally speaking, you should always consult the German version (click on the Deutsch button in the top right corner, — the same button, now labeled English, brings you back again), should you feel some lack of information or a misunderstanding (my translation is neither verbatim nor complete nor, come to that, professional).

The footnote in the right bottom corner informs you about the language version you are looking at if you should be confused by seeing texts written in German, furtheron the US dollar exchange rate used to calculate prices, the date of the last actualisation as well as the number of hits on this site.



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