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Surely, the field of antique Christmas ornaments and old Swiss embroideries shares nothing in common with the World Wide Web of nowadays, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility to use this modern instrument for gathering information about the named topics. I propose a few excursions to the Internet which seem to give helpful suggestions.

Please note the following: By clicking on one of the links below you will be leaving this website (the link opens in a new browser window if allowed so to do). I cannot and do not take any responsability for the content of the websites that are reached via this links page.



  1. Golden Glow:
    The website of the worldwide largest club for collectors of antique Christmas from ornaments and Santas to lighting, tinsel, snowmen, feather trees, snow babies, post cards and more: information, membership, convention.
  2. Ellen Pool:
    An interesting, well displayed shop for antique Christmas ornaments and other old stuff.
  3. Susanne Freericks:
    An interesting choice of antique Christmas ornaments, especially scraps and die cuts.
  4. Betty Bell:
    There are surprisingly few websites that are specialised in antique Christmas ornaments. Here an example from US, worth visiting.
  5. Mary Morrison:
    All you need to know about Snow Babies.
  6. Lianne Krüger Sullivan:
    “A side dedicated to the appreciation of a lost art form”, that is to the manufacturing of Dresden cardboard ornaments. Beautiful pictorial material.
  7. Kugels: An Antique Christmas Obsession:
    The website about this book.
  8. Dresden Star Ornaments (Glenn Giaimo):
    “One-of-a-kind Victorian Christmas ornaments, lovingly hand-crafted from beautiful antique chromolithographs, old glass ornaments, and a variety of vintage Christmas decorations, making them truly look like antique Christmas ornaments.”
  9. Rucus Studio:
    “Unique treasures created by nimble fingers to enhance holiday traditions.”
  10. Antike Spielzeugwelt. Toys von A bis Z (Gerd Fichtner):
    Rich source of antique toys, dolls, and Christmas items.
  11. Cotton Batting Ornaments (Lucy Webber):
    “I use many of the techniques used by the original makers. Some of the batting ornaments I make are copies of old ornaments, and some are my own creations.”
  12. The Feather Tree Co.:
    All about feathertrees, the first artificial Christmas trees.
  13. Wolfgang Metzner:
    Building of Nativity Scenes or crèches on order.
  14. Inge-Glas:
    Manufacture of new Christmas ornaments.
  15. Deutsches Weihnachtsmuseum:
    Pictures from the exposition of the first museum in Germany which is exclusively dedicated to Christmas.
  16. Käthe Wohlfahrt:
    All you can imagine about Christmas.
  17. Gartenschätze. Dekoratives für Haus und Garten:
    A shop with nice things for house and garden, among others also new Christmas decoration (only available in German language).
  18. Weihnachten im Erzgebirge:
    About origin and significance of some typical Christmas items of the German Erzgebirge.
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